Top-Performing NexGen Varieties Result from Americot Breeding & Research Programs

September 15, 2021

For 2021, Americot introduced three new NexGen® B3XF varieties into their impressive portfolio of high-performing, superior-quality products. “We’re continually experiencing the benefits of our expanded Breeding and Research programs,” says Doug Jost, Director of Research & Cotton Germplasm. “At Americot, we’ve put in a lot of hard work and resources towards bringing the best varieties to the market. These new NexGen varieties for 2021, along with multiple B3XF varieties we’ve released the last few years, are proof of the work our team has done. “Our sales teams were able to hit the ground running and place these new varieties on the acres where we knew they would perform best. It’s truly a team effort as we continually bring performance and value to the grower in their investment in our premium cottonseed. Our commitment to the U.S. cotton farmer hasn’t changed and our priorities remain the same: excellent performance, high-quality products and exceptional people.”

NG 3195 B3XF

NG 3195 B3XF is an early-medium maturing variety offering good heat tolerance and consistent performance. Fully loaded with the latest Bollgard® 3 XtendFlex® Technology, this variety has high yield potential and high turnout. “We had a wet planting season in the South Delta, resulting in less-than-ideal conditions,” says Chase Samples, Ph.D., Mid-South Germplasm Specialist. “In areas where growers planted late and turned to NG 3195, it really held up well and looks to be a strong player.” NexGen Sales Rep Michael Williams, who covers Southern Georgia, agreed with Samples. “NG 3195 is fruiting up well and is looking to be a player in my region as well! I got a brief look at it last year but have been tickled with its performance this season,” he says.

NG 4190 B3XF

NG 4190 B3XF is a medium maturing, Bollgard 3 XtendFlex variety with excellent yield potential and broad adaptation. This variety offers excellent fiber quality on both dryland and irrigated acres and is sure to have a fit in multiple regions across the Belt. “This variety came up in some tough soil and as it stands right now, it looks very promising,” said South Texas Germplasm Specialist Shane Halfmann. “I’ve received positive responses from growers that this variety ‘just looks good!’ and it’s turning heads in my region, gathering attention. Early turnout reports have been good so far and we look forward to see how the season ends up!” Samples added, “NG 4190 B3XF is an aggressively growing variety that has a lot of potential. It’s going to need a little more PGR management earlier than say NG 4936, but that’s not a bad thing. It has one of the strongest terminals I’ve seen in a while. It’s loading up very nicely and stacked with bolls! NG 4190 is one we’re excited about and looks to be a great fit for growers in the South Delta!”

NG 5150 B3XF

NG 5150 B3XF is a broadly adapted, medium-full maturing Bollgard 3 Xtend- Flex variety with top-end yield potential. This heat tolerant variety does very well on highly managed, irrigated acres and will impress growers looking for solid, medium to full maturing varieties. Southeast Germplasm Specialist Scott Russell has been pleased with NG 5150 B3XF. “This variety is definitely a full-season variety. There’s just no other way to classify it. I foresee this having a great fit in my region.” Russell then added, “NG 5150 B3XF is a big, stout plant with a big boll load, and it responds to PGRs very well. It’s got us excited and is performing well in multiple ACE Trials in my area.”

Americot focuses a great deal of time and resources to breed and develop better cotton varieties that fit the specific cultural needs of growers in different geographies. Since our breeding program began more than 30 years ago, it has aggressively grown to now include a widespread group of skilled professionals who are raising the bar on genetic advances in the industry.

For more details about our latest varieties or interest in participating in one of our ACE Trials, contact your NexGen representative. Additional information may also be found at

From Cotton Grower Magazine – September 2021


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