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  • White Farms; Davidson, Oklahoma

    Right field, right time, and a bit of blessing yields 5.4 bales per acre for an Oklahoma farm family.
    by Jim Steadman, Cotton Grower Magazine; Used by permission Joe D. White has been farming in the Davidson, OK, area for roughly 45 years. Cotton, peanuts, corn, wheat, cattle –
  • 5M Farms; Silverton, Texas

    Dane Mullins has great results with NexGen®
    Whether you’re talking about a football game, a military battle or a cotton crop, the likelihood of achieving successful results can depend on the strategy you lay out beforehand. Of
  • Circle Z Farms; Silverton, Texas

    Trey Ziegler trusts "Tried & True" NexGen varieties on his farm
    You’ve probably heard the old expression “Tried and true,” which usually refers to a product or a process that has worked well in the past, and therefore continues to be
  • Bailey Farms; Gadsen, Tennessee

    Cotton grower Drew Bailey reaps the benefits of smart decisions
    When it comes to making good choices about growing cotton, West Tennessee grower Drew Bailey is a perfect example. Actually, the positive results of Drew’s effective decision-making go back even
  • Hawkins Farm; Leachville, Arkansas

    After five generations, the Hawkins family is going stronger than ever
    One of the most rewarding aspects of having a growing company is getting to watch your customers succeed along with you. Americot is pleased to be able to highlight cotton
  • Byrum Farms; Windsor, Virginia

    Steele and Cecil Byrum are setting new standards in cotton
    For many reasons, Steele Byrum could be called a trendsetter. Steele and his father Cecil farm 2,300 acres in southeastern Virginia, with about 1,000 – 1,300 acres planted in cotton
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