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  • Pitt Family Farms; Macclesfield, North Carolina

    Bert Pitt is Known for Deep Roots and High Yields
    It’s a real point of pride for a family to have the designation of being a “Century Farm” – meaning they’ve been in continuous operation for a hundred years –
  • Triple-T Farms; Robstown, Texas

    At Triple-T Farms & Cattle Co. in South Texas, NexGen varieties have proved to be a natural fit for growing cotton
    by Larry Aylward, Cotton Grower Magazine; Used by permission Cotton is king in the Lone Star State, and brothers Toby and Tommy Robertson are honored to be members of the
  • Hyman Brothers; Oak City, North Carolina

    Brothers Bob and Randy Hyman are impressed with many things about Americot’s NG 3195 B3XF variety, including its yield, premium grade, and the way it looks in the field
    by Larry Aylward, Cotton Grower Magazine; Used by permission When people drove by the cotton field, they noticed. And then they started talking about what they noticed. “That was a
  • Ware Farms; Dome Valley, Arizona

    Family Operation Excels at Seed Production for Americot
    By the time a bag of NexGen seed reaches you, it represents a long and complicated process, starting years earlier in the various research, breeding, and testing phases. Then eventually
  • White Farms; Davidson, Oklahoma

    Right field, right time, and a bit of blessing yields 5.4 bales per acre for an Oklahoma farm family.
    by Jim Steadman, Cotton Grower Magazine; Used by permission Joe D. White has been farming in the Davidson, OK, area for roughly 45 years. Cotton, peanuts, corn, wheat, cattle –
  • 5M Farms; Silverton, Texas

    Dane Mullins has great results with NexGen®
    Whether you’re talking about a football game, a military battle or a cotton crop, the likelihood of achieving successful results can depend on the strategy you lay out beforehand. Of
  • Circle Z Farms; Silverton, Texas

    Trey Ziegler trusts "Tried & True" NexGen varieties on his farm
    You’ve probably heard the old expression “Tried and true,” which usually refers to a product or a process that has worked well in the past, and therefore continues to be
  • Bailey Farms; Gadsen, Tennessee

    Cotton grower Drew Bailey reaps the benefits of smart decisions
    When it comes to making good choices about growing cotton, West Tennessee grower Drew Bailey is a perfect example. Actually, the positive results of Drew’s effective decision-making go back even
  • Hawkins Farm; Leachville, Arkansas

    After five generations, the Hawkins family is going stronger than ever
    One of the most rewarding aspects of having a growing company is getting to watch your customers succeed along with you. Americot is pleased to be able to highlight cotton
  • Byrum Farms; Windsor, Virginia

    Steele and Cecil Byrum are setting new standards in cotton
    For many reasons, Steele Byrum could be called a trendsetter. Steele and his father Cecil farm 2,300 acres in southeastern Virginia, with about 1,000 – 1,300 acres planted in cotton
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