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At Americot, we understand the challenges and risks involved in growing cotton because we’re cotton growers, too. Knowing all too well that even the best planned season can change in an instant, we have developed programs with the grower in mind to cover adverse growing challenges and crop loss issues.

With product offerings consisting of Financing Options, Rebate Programs, and CottonShare Risk Sharing Programs, Americot strives to support our customers with the tools to help you succeed.

Americot’s CottonShare Risk Sharing Programs are risk management offerings, designed to minimize the risk and challenges cotton growers face each season. Delivering seasonal protection from replant and crop loss, CottonShare Risk Sharing Programs provide growers replant options and coverage for qualifying NexGen® brand cotton seed.

For more information on our CottonShare Risk Sharing Programs and other programs available, including financing options, contact us at 888.678.SEED.

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