January 9, 2020

Americot, Inc., a leading supplier of premium cotton seed, continues to offer impressive cash rebates on select crop protection products when purchased in conjunction with its NexGen® XtendFlex® varieties. Qualifying growers can earn a rebate up to $4.00-per-acre or more, by bundling their seed purchase with essential herbicides, insecticides and Americot’s CottolyST™ Enhanced seed treatment.

The 2020 Americot Advanced Protection Program enables growers to select from several herbicide and insecticide products – all while helping to promote a stronger start and better yield potential for their cotton crops.

To qualify for the rebate, the purchase must include at least 40 units of NexGen XtendFlex cotton seed along with at least 60 gallons of Interline® brand glufosinate herbicide or 120 gallons of InterMoc™ herbicide (or equivalent combined amounts of the two). Interline and InterMoc glufosinate-based herbicides are the only non-selective alternative to glyphosate in-crop, which is effective in controlling resistant Palmer Amaranth as well as a broad spectrum of weeds and grasses. In addition, further rebates can be earned on purchases of Moccasin™ II Plus (S-Metolachlor), Satellite® (pendimethalin), Argyle™, and Acenthrin™ insecticides, as part of this program.

“The Advanced Protection Program continues to benefit cotton growers in multiple ways,” said Terry Campbell, product development at Americot. “By promoting insect and weed control best management practices, as well as providing a cash incentive to the grower for doing so, growers can be assured that Americot has their back.”

Americot’s Advanced Protection Program is underway now and applies to any qualifying purchases made from November 1, 2019 until August 31, 2020. The offer is open to growers in all cotton-producing states in the U.S. where the NexGen brand of cotton seed is sold.

For more details about eligibility requirements and specific product choices, growers should contact their participating NexGen seed dealer or NexGen representative. Additional information may also be found at

Americot, Inc., headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, provides U.S. cotton growers with quality seed of localized varieties, offering high yield potential and excellent fiber quality, along with the technologies that growers want and need. American-owned and fully independent, Americot is a national leader in cotton seed production and technologies. For more information on Americot and our NexGen brand cotton products, call 888.678.SEED (7333) or visit

Tyrell Currie
Marketing & Communications Manager
806.793.1431, ext 140

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