April 5, 2019

Americot, Inc., a leading supplier of premium cottonseed, is introducing CottolyST™ Seed Treatments for all NexGen® branded cotton seed. This new, in-house treatment offering enables NexGen growers to purchase custom-treated cotton seed, with select insecticide and fungicide treatments, enabling disease protection and maximum growth performance potential. CottolyST is available in three distinct levels – CottolyST Base, CottolyST Enhanced and CottolyST Premier.

CottolyST Base is a fungicide seed treatment that protects against rhizoctonia solani, pythium, fusarium, and thielaviopsis basicola, developed from an exclusive combination of fungicides which also enhances early season plant health under certain cold conditions.

CottolyST Enhanced includes the CottolyST Base treatments, along with additional fungicides and insecticides that further protect against early-season pests.

CottolyST Premier also includes the active CottolyST Base ingredients, coupled with additional insecticides, fungicides and a nematicide that protects against root-knot and reniform nematodes.

Along with the new CottolyST line of seed treatment solutions, Americot continues to offer the complete line of Syngenta Seedcare™ options on NexGen brand cottonseed. CottolyST seed treatments offer extended protection and seed growth potential across the Cotton Belt, providing growers an additional edge for maximum yield potential and quality. “We’re proud to add supplementary value-added products and services such as the CottolyST line to our expanding offerings for our customers,” said Brad Littlefield, Americot’s product manager. “Providing the latest technologies in cotton seed varieties, as well as treatment options that provide additional protection, further underscores our commitment to growers throughout the Cotton Belt. In fact, growers can now bundle their NexGen seed purchase treated with CottolyST Enhanced together and earn rebates up to $4.00 an acre with our Advanced Protection Program.”

For additional information on CottolyST Seed Treatment Solutions, please visit

Americot, Inc., headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, provides U.S. cotton growers with quality seed of localized varieties, offering high yield potential and excellent fiber quality, along with the technologies that growers want and need. American-owned and fully independent, Americot is a national leader in cotton seed production and technologies. For more information on Americot and our NexGen brand cotton products, call 888.678.SEED (7333) or visit

Tyrell Currie
Marketing & Communications Manager
806.793.1431, ext 140

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