June 10, 2020

Through its unique program known as ACE (Americot Cotton Evaluation) Trials, the company is able to observe and evaluate cotton variety candidates in “real world” situations. Comprehensive research on those test plots clearly demonstrates how a new NexGen variety should perform in specific areas under regional conditions such as climate, elevation, water availability and local soil types, along with other variables such as pest pressure and PGRs.

Now, thanks to enthusiastic grower support, Americot has been able to hire more research professionals and dramatically increase the company’s field-testing capabilities. In 2018, Americot sponsored 75 ACE test plots; that number is now closer to 200, stretching from Arizona to the Atlantic coast.

“We now have the personnel to cover the Cotton Belt and give more attention to all areas,” said Dr. Doug Jost, Director of Research & Cotton Germplasm. “Our field researchers are able to observe variety candidates in each of our territories under all kinds of conditions.”

Varieties in ACE Trials are carefully monitored for critical performance metrics, including yield, length, vigor, maturity, height, disease tolerance and stormproof bolls. That data is then correlated to the exact geographic area in which a new variety will be sold. By the time a NexGen variety is launched, Americot knows where it will have the most potential for success and how it can be managed most effectively.

“Through our expanded field research, we can go to growers in a certain area and say with confidence, ‘This variety will work here’,” Jost added. “We want Americot customers to know that when they choose one of our cotton seed products, it’s been tested in conditions that match up to what’s in their own backyard.”

Americot, Inc., headquartered in Lubbock, Texas, provides U.S. cotton growers with quality seed of localized varieties, offering high yield potential and excellent fiber quality, along with the technologies that growers want and need. American-owned and fully independent, Americot is a national leader in cotton seed production and technologies. For more information on Americot and our NexGen brand cotton products, call 888.678.SEED (7333) or visit www.americot.com.

Tyrell Currie
Marketing & Communications Manager
806.793.1431, ext 140

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