CottolyST Seed Treatment Solutions

Start stronger. Finish better.

Americot makes it easy for you to make things hard for pests.

CottolyST Seed Treatment Solutions are available in a variety of formulations and custom blends for all NexGen brand cotton seed. That means you can cost-effectively tailor your seed treatment to fight the specific challenges your crop faces.

  • FUNGICIDES. Get protection from leading cotton diseases including thielaviopsis basicola, fusarium, pythium and rhizoctonia.
  • INSECTICIDES. Guard against insects that damage crops by feeding on seed and seedlings.
  • NEMATICIDES. Prevent dangerous early-season nematode infestations.
  • GROWTH ENHANCERS. Americot also treats cotton seed to improve its uptake of moisture and nutrients.

Building on the excellent pesticide capabilities of CottolyST Enhanced, this top-of-the-line seed treatment also provides superior broad-spectrum protection from nematodes, including reniform and root-knot nematode species (the cause of root-knot disease).

A nematode infestation restricts nutrients and water to the plant, which can cause significant crop damage and yield loss, while also contributing to secondary problems. Those threats make CottolyST Premier the product of choice for growers who want the ultimate cotton seed protection in a single treatment.

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