Now you can easily make the best cottonseed even better, with seed treatments for NexGen® varieties. Treating your seed with highly-effective seed treatments from Americot will give your cotton crop an immediate defensive edge against many early-season threats such as fungal diseases, certain insects and nematodes.

Americot has developed a unique, in-house production capability which gives you the flexibility and convenience of purchasing cottonseed that’s custom-treated for exactly what your crop needs.

That level of protection helps your seed maximize its genetic potential to give you top performance – and more peace of mind.

NexGen varieties can be custom-treated with combinations of insecticides, fungicides, nematicides and growth stimulators. That flexibility helps to ensure extended protection and seed growth potential anywhere across the Cotton Belt — all to give you an additional edge for maximum yield potential and quality.

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Three distinct levels of protection.

CottolyST seed treatments provide valuable protection against damaging fungal diseases such as rhizoctonia solani, pythium, fusarium and thielaviopsis basicola. The treatments are available in three distinct levels:

  • CottolyST Base
  • CottolyST Enhanced
  • CottolyST Premier
Give your cottonseed the strong start it deserves, right out of the bag.

Does your crop have challenges which call for a special solution to treat your unique acreage needs? We’ve got you covered. To help cotton growers stay one step ahead of early-season pests, NexGen® varieties are available with Syngenta’s Seedcare seed-applied treatments.

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